Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Digital Juggernaut - Electro Robot

Hear The Track Here

Words are scary shit. Just looking at this artists name, and the title alone has sent me into a downward spiral - long before I hear so much as a note of music. The obvious conclusion to leap to is the same as always, I don't have a lot of empathy with straightforward electronica and even less for the Dance strain of the genre. At this point, Tim EP (for it is he) is probably crapping it thinking he's given his baby to the wrong person to review but I hope not. I try real hard to be as objective as possible while reviewing and, hopefully, it shows. I'm still human though and riven with doubts and predjudice and I can't say I approached this review with any great desire.
No surprise there then.

Luckily Digital Juggernaut makes enough of an effort to hook in people who may not be interested in the genre to at least give it a listen, and when they do, they would find an enjoyable, cleverly put together tracks that certainly presses all the right genre buttons. The backing track features a solid squelch bass that really pounds the track along, an instrument I got to like through repeated plays and at fairly high volumes. Come on, I mean if the thing rocks - and this does - you have to crank it, don't you? So musically I'd be giving this a fat thumbs up, as light as it is on actual content; what is there does the trick admirably.

Speaking of trick the highlight of the track, for me anyway, was in the main vocal. Made through some kind of sequencing software (probably Reason) and then applied in a cut up way that is totally synched to the groove of the track, it lifts the whole thing out of the ho-hum dance music field that usually bores the ears off me. Here, at least, is a track I could listen to more than a few times without wanting to strangle at birth. OK, so it isn't exactly the kind of thing I'd be searching out but I know plenty of people who like beats like this and would appreciate the cleverness the artist has used to create it. Certainly worth a listen by anybody's books.

Recommended Electronica Dance.

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