Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nuff X - Attack (demo)

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Nuff X has come a long way in a short time, mainly due to his ability to always come up with something fresh in a genre (electronica) that is often very samey. However, before I get to the track itself, I was nosing around on his site and I happened to see that he had a remix of Omnisine's Slide on his page. Now if you have the attention span of a bedbug, you'll have already forgotten that I opened up this months reviews with this very track so I was obviously going to take in the remix too. I absolutely fell in love at first hear with the original and am still playing it on a regular basis which speaks volumes for its longevity. Nuff X stamps his style on the track well, although don't expect it to be the warm love fest the original excels in. After all, it's not the kind of thing Nuff X is about.

He's more into razoring your ears off.

There's a much harder, darker edge to Nuff version that is quite chilling. If you like the original, this is an interesting counterpoint. Anyway, on to the real meat and two veg, Attack which is, apparently, a demo. In fact to be more precise, it's a track awaiting a vocal and Nuff X readily admits that '(the) mix needs tweaking'. So whatever I might say about the sound is rendered null and void because no doubt it will change dramatically from this sort of over-stuffed, wall of sound approach that it currently lives with. So if we ignore the samey mix, the odd volume adjustment and the straight ahead feel of the track, what are we left with?

Attack is actually quite clever, mixing console sounds with electronica in that special way Nuff X has, gives this track an appeal that makes it a listenable instrumental but I'd have to agree that it does need a vocal to round it off. Nuff already has some of the lyrics online but without knowing the structure of the vocal it's kind of hard to really do anything with them. Taken on its own merits, this version of Attack is certainly listenable too, especially if you like your electronica to try that little bit harder to be different. That's always been one of the hallmarkls off Nuff X's work and its what carries the day with this track. I'd be very interested to hear what might be going on top of this and maybe I'll get a listen one day, in the meantime, this is plenty good enough when I need that ear razoring I was yakking about earlier.

Highly Recommended Electronica

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