Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IQ The Goon To End Them All - Old Man

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There is no genre on Soundclick more prolific than hip hop and/or rap. Take IQ The Goon To End Them All for example, his page has a grand total of 224 tracks so expect to be there for a few week listening through that lot; should instrumental beats mixed in with 'proper' rap tracks is your thing. It isn't often, unfortunately because I happen to like hip hop, that you get these artists on the Critics Corner forum - hopefully they have plenty of their peers ripping shreds in them ;) I've liked most of the hip hop I have been offered for review down the years particularly the grittier kind. See, I don't mind a bit of cussing so long as its fekking relevant, you understand?


I am so glad I finally got to hear this artist because Old Man is the same Old Man (well bits of it anyway) by Neil Young that I loved to bits when I was a lot, lot younger. IQ' s Old Man is in fact, a song to his father. Being a father myself I would be proud and honoured to have such a song presented to me by my sons. It says more than mere words ever could. Mind you, I am heavily biased because - as I say - I love the Neil Young original. Knowing that, you would think I would be super-critical if it was handled in the wrong way. Like a lot of older songs, it has personal meaning for me and you KNOW I'd carve somebody a whole new butthole if they desecrated a masterpeice.

IQ sez as if.......

Old Man is a production marvel - especially for the genre, and the seamless mashing of the two tracks is a joy to behold. Not sure of the lagality of all this but who cares when you have such a hot tune in your grasp. Trust me, if you liked the original too, you are going to love this. What about those who are not 102? What do they know and care about rocks golden age? What they would hear is a classic example of how to sound fresh, exciting and relevant. IQ raps like a pro, with a deep beautifully recorded voice that makes reading the lyric sheet redundant and not a swear word in sight. When I came to thinking about how to rate this, I tried real hard to put my predjudice aside and look at the track objectively but whichever way I looked it always came back to the same thing.

MUST HAVE blend of rock and hip hop. A gem.

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