Saturday, October 20, 2007

dcallen - Closed For Repairs

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I was obviously not the only one applauding this artists return to Soundclick activity when I reviewed Is This A Problem (June 2007) and A Walk In The Dark (August 2007), giving them a Must Have and a highly recommended respectively. That largesse may have had a lot to do with me being pleased to hear something new from one of my long term Soundclick favourites; one of a rare bredd that finally converted me to certain kinds of electronica. Or, in other words, anything other than bleeps, beats and buzzes. dcallen, as older Soundclick members know, delivers the kind of electronica you can live with and even - dare I say it - love. He's always been a handy one for the melodic line that sticks in your brain and - as his last releases have shown, the intervening time has just sharpened his edge.

I'm playing the bejeebers out of Is This A Problem and it looks set to stay there for some time but I'm still one the track of one of Dave's 'special' ones. His past is littered with such tracks, as the roster of stations playing his material will amply testify; this is an artist who delivers, consistently. The man is in ultra-chill mood on Closed For Repairs, bringing in a keyboard drenched track that - surprisingly - tons of light and space within it. That was ever Dave Alllen's (not him, the other one) particular ace in the hole and he plays it beautifully. It would be right to say that although I like this side of dcallen's work, it still isn't something that I would play that much - unless I were seriously in the mood for it. Then it would do the job so well, I'd probably be crying into me teacup...

Aaaahhh, diddums....

Closed For Repairs is, no question about it, a bang-up job. A mix you could eat your dinner off, such beautiful sounds it makes you want to weep and an otherworldliness about the whole that is pure magic. OK, yes, I am a die hard fan and - regardless of genre - I will always find a place for dcallen's music in my life, who wouldn't? Welp, I guess you wouldn't if you thought the height of sophistication was beating up drunken people, or terrorising whole populations, or just thought everything was shit and we should all die. If, however, you live, breathe and think and have the merest shred of humanity in your veins, you will find beauty, emotion and meaning in this track - even though it is instrumental. Remember, some of the best (and most long lasting) music in the world is instrumental. Go on, indulge yourself. Grab a nice whatever-it-is that gets you off, pull up the most comfortable chair you have and slip this on your sound system.........then slip away... Said it before, i'll say it again: a class act.

Highly Recommended and a MUST HAVE for fans.

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