Monday, October 29, 2007

Drew Warburton - The Final March

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Bouncing back this year from nowhere, and surprising the beejeebers out of me in the process - musically speaking, of course - is Drew Warburton. I first came across this artist when he had just started this little jaunt we're all on and, I'm afraid, I wasn't all that kind to his first efforts. There again, if it don't scare you it'll make you stronger right? So it has proved to be in this case because Drew has had a terrific year this year from me; from his Lose (February 2007) to Run (September 2007), the latter being a classic rock track with superbly handled vocals that had me raving and spitting out highly recommended to all and sundry. Aha, but in this world, you are only as good as your last track. Build 'em up and knock 'em down, that's the way of it in the media isn't it? (Ed: no, that's people who earn squadzillions from what they do ie they don't sit there in their jammies, earning fekk all and getting wired on endless coffee, while swearing copiously at a square screen.) Eh? Ya mean I bin duped????

Soooo, where was I? Oh yeah...alarm bells...

They first started jangling when Drew commented 'So this is very risky from me, who does very little with electronic music, handing a piece of electronic music to you' to which I have to say, you don't know the half of it mate. Red rags, bulls.... He comments further 'A track written for meditation on the crucifixion, however would also work as film music' OK! OK! Before we have any bunching of panties, let me state my own case here. As if the words 'film music' weren't scored in fire on my brain, then certainly the thought of visualising a crucifixion - let alone THE crucifixion - while listening to this was a signpost to the place called Too Much Information. After knowing all this, it's a wonder I even put player to file...but you know me, ol' intrepid (yeah stupid too) - I just gotta listen...

That was when I noticed the final shocker and it's name was Seven Minutes.

What that seven minutes consists of though, isn't a joking matter because Drew puts his chops to work to create a wonderfully realised peice (the cellos especially) that would certainly do sterling service for a film with such an epic tragedy at it's heart. Great shame that I can't stand the genre but hey, once a philistine always a philistine. Or is that a pharisee?? (Religeous Ed: Stop This Right Now!) The Final March, as you can imagine is as sombre a peice as befits the subject and - to my mind anyway - a little long winded about the process. This is actually a track that could have been shortened considerably and made the same impact. Stil, whadda I no? Anyhow, should you be a film music buff (at least I think that's what they call 'em) then this will probably have you reaching for the remote and popcorn.. In the meantime I'm going to wait for some more of this artist rock treats...

Overlong instrumental but it is film music. Recommended.

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