Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One Kid's Lunch - Fortune and Fame

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And there we were just thinking that, at last, things were getting back to normal. Take, for example, a band who would write a song about (and I quote) 'the knuckle of a pinky toe' Yep, it could only be a One Kids's Lunch track, nobody else would be that silly. There again, it's been that sense of the absurd, the ridiculous and the plain stupid in all our lives, that have endeared this Christian rock duo to a great many Soundclick earholes. Menawhile for those readers who zoned out at the word Christian, I absolutely garantee that this is a Christian message you have never heard before - or at least not in this fashion.

One Kid's Lunch is gourmet food for the soul.

I am a confirmed fan, after reviewing what seems like hundreds of OKL tracks but there again I like a touch of the silly - as you well know. The reason is because listening to music so lively and irreverent is just plain FUN. Any God, goddess or minor deity I put my faith and trust in better had a highly developed sense of humour, otherwise there's no way I am going into the whole bowing, praising, exhulting thing no matter what promises are made. That would be like coming up with a thing of so called faith that thought music was sinful, or worse still, heretical. Anyway, lets avoid that moral quagmire and stick on the choonz! Fortune and Fame is another older One Kid's Lunch work, this time dating back to 2005 (at least on Soundclick). All of which does beg the question: new material??? When???

Hold on, while I put all the toys back in me pram....

There is a tendency these days to favour instrumentals or elongated sections that only feature the scantiest vocals that then purport to be a 'song' Not in Gilmore world, matey. To me a song is something I learned at the feet of the masters of the 1960's scene. Songwriters who could write the catchiest melodies and lyrics on Earth AND make them relevant to every soul who heard them. That is a rare talent indeed, and one the One Kid's Lunch have in abundance. Not only is their carefree rock music fun, it's also often a right rivetting read. Fame and Fortune is one of those, a splendid song encased in a classically clever arrangement that will raise some eyebrows at the local Chapel. Whatever you do, don't let any of the obvious tags put you off listening to one of Soundclick's brighter lights, whatever your beliefs.

Highly Recommended pop rock ...

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