Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cameron Pierce - What I Need You To Know

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Considering that he is only just 23, in the throes of his musical college days, he may seem surprisingly mature; especially if he is an unknown name to you. Canada, a fine country, is known on Soundclick as the land of two Cam's and this is one of them. Cameron Pierce and Latmat (his earlier alter ego) have provided SC regulars with many fine tracks down the years for we should be eternally grateful. However, being the shallow greedy bastards we are, there always room for more, more, more! It's been a good tear for Mr Pierce though, scoring some notable changes to his sound along the way. See, who says book learning doesn't pay off?

What do you mean you can't read?

Cameron delivered an absolute killer track in Sincere Design (July 2007), a moody track that is probably the best thing I have ever heard from this artist - and believe me that's saying something with his output and quality. So if I'm slobbering a little, just try not to look. Now, lessss see.... What I Need You To Know is 'A song that started and finished as my first Songwriting Assignment at College' and is - stylistically at least - a partial return to where Cameron first started from - that being an acoustic, laid back soft rock - or in this case even rock ballad. Considering that I can't stand the softer side of anything, ther is always room in my world for another song from this quarter.

Ever since I first met him fekkin yonks ago, the song has always been the thing, and that shows no sign of abating. What I Need You To Know is a very lean, stripped down track that give the vocals massive headroom to expand into; yet another new trick Cameron seems to have mastered well - at least judging by this example. There has always been a polish to his tracks so this track won't come as any massive surprise to fans; especially those who prefer his softer side. Nothing wrong with that and there's nothing wrong with this track either other than a slight antipathy from me about the genre. Most people will hear a modern, fresh sound that is instantly captivating, particularly the country feel to certain sections. It's the vocal and lyrics that carry the whole thing though and they are a treasure, as any respecting Cameron Pierce would expect.

Beautiful song, beautifully crafted. MUST HAVE.

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