Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gavin Valentine - Sometimes I Want To Dance

Hear The Track Here

Gavin Valentine is yet another new name to me, this time through MP3 He's an electronica artist and he's supplying me with the second trance track in a row from that site, which does seem to have expanded it's seletcion of electronica artists enormously. A year or so ago, you couldn't move on their for singer/songwriters, now it's all boingy boingy - the joys of life huh? As you know, this is not my favourite genre and it has to be something a bit above the ordinary for me to really get anything out of it than the standard ho hum, that's ok. For it to really make a difference in such a crowded genre (it's that dance thing), you'd certainly have to have a lot going on for you - especially musically because its a fact that most so called dance music is listened to more OUTSIDE any dancefloor.

Like sitting on one's arse, takiing one's ease. :shock:

Having said that, Sometimes I Want To dance etc does in fact make you want to dance, and is given much more added value with the addition of the vocal, of which more later. If you've ever been exposed to the trance phenomenon, then much of the music that underpins this track will be achingly familiar, from the psst psst of the hi-hats to the endless filtered sequences. Nonetheless, it definitely serves its purpose, but I do have a couple of quibbles (the really hard edged squelch bass is a little too sharp at points, the track has fairly noticeable cutoffs from one section to another) but it's the combination of vocal and music that make this track happen. That's where I have to admit to a certain bias towards good female vocal performance (from Leap Of Faith) and this track harbours a little gem.

I had the pleasure of remixing the Polish singer Ilona a few times and Leap Of Faith (aka Deborah, apparently) reminds me strongly of that artist although there are subtle differences. Not sure how this came together but I guess Gavin and she threw some samples at each other and - I presume - Gavin then wrote what we hear. The combination, is very, very decent indeed and certainly presents a coherent - nay highly enjoyable - slice of music that you wouldn't normally listen to. It takes a fair amount of skill and patience to do that, so hats off to Gavin (and Deborah) on all counts because I find myself in the invidious position of giving out two recommend trance tracks in the space of a few days. What, enquiring minds will want know, will that do to my reputation as an old curmedgeon without time for these young upstarts.

Fekk that!! LETS DANCE!!

Highly Recommended Trance. (Ed: NURSE!! The screens!!!)

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