Sunday, October 14, 2007

Apesoundscapes - Welcome Home

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Now before you start making that strange 'wtfwtfwtf' you always come out with at the sight of a new name, Apesoundscapes may be new to you but certainly not to me. OK, I'll be the first to admit that he doesn't seem to be the most prolific of artists, only having reviewed three or four tracks in the space of a year or so. His Out Of The Cold (March 2006) set the seal on what he does and got a Must Have from me. Not bad considering this was the second track I had ever heard from this artist. A year later and HazyDayz (April 2007) pretty much confirmed that here was an electronica artist who knew some better licks than most, and knew how to deliver them too. Not exactly a fast delivery yes, but hey it is often worth a bit of a wait.

Unlike most takeaways....

Welcome Home probably has more to do with Alternative than anything else; in tone and vocal delivery this could do sterling service in todays musical climate. For certain there is a definite Manchester influence at work here, and as a song Welcome Home wouldn't sound out of place in an Oasis gig. Don't get the wrong impression though, it won't be the inflated, turgid rubbish I associate with that band, Apesoundscapes is way too clever for that - and that may well prove to be his undoing too. I have grown accustomed to this artist and I know what to expect but I would think the unwary listener may be surprised - to say the least. See, Apesoundscapes can be relied upon to tread his own path, no matter what and there is nothing wrong with that.

There is an anthemic quality about Welcome Home that will serve it well, and that becomes more obvious with each play. Ultimately it's that feel that will win you over, especially if you like that kind of thing anyway. Like all of his tracks, it has its oddities; the jerkiness of transitions, the disjointed feel of certain sections; the oddly wandering beats. Those oddities will also work their way in, although you would have to have a strong sense of what is essentially experimental to really enjoy the experience. There is a cracking song at the heart of this, and a rock song to boot. For me, that is the deciding factor. All I wonder now is if Carl Best (aka Apresoundscapes) rises to the bait :D

Recommended. Great song.

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