Thursday, October 11, 2007

Potato Contraption - Sineisnt

Hear The Track Here

Don't be looking at me like that. I don't make this stuff up, you know. No, I have no idea what a Potato wotsit is but I do know what a Sineisnt. Now, if we could just attach the wheels to it, we'd be good to go and this review can get rolling; or whatever it is reviews do. No doubt Richard Dunlap (think his real name, You and Me, dadala, The Dunlaps and a thousand other personnas) will be along to explain all, or not. Richard is but one of the players in Potato Contraption, but the other is equally familiar if you hang out in the weirder parts of the electronica world. Johann Meier (aka Jopy) provides the other side of the musical coin.

All of the tracks on their Soundclick page are from the PcOnTrApTiOn CD (available at CD Baby) and when reviewing anything to do with RD, I make sure that my player sounds right before starting. Its as sure as eggs is eggs that once the track starts there will be all kinds of weird ear fukry going on - and hey watch out for the sublimal stuff too :D Seriously, if anyone sounds JUST llike a mad scientist in sound, then Richard Dunlap fits the bill everywhichway. Hand on heart I can't say I am as familiar with Jopy's work as I am with RD's, but this bears the production and arrangement thumbprint of Mr Dunlap for sure.

Mixed in with the massive array of static, disjointed sounds, enormous sweeps and whooshes, industrial noise and more stereo than is good for a human is - apparently - Jopy's contribution. As it states on the site, Jopys is 'responsible for almost all of the original sound files and 'raw material' used,; which for the uninitiated might appear to be the same stuff that is presently cleaning out their ear canals down to bedrock - at least if they were listening to the track. Tracks from this quarter should never be approached head on, you need to live with this to make sure you (kinda/sorta) understand what the artists are trying to do. Living with it though is not as easy as it sounds, but that was always the way. As it happens, I like what this artist(s) have come up with, but I'm damned sure I'll be in the minority on this one.

Highly original, highly unusal. Highly Recommended weirdass music.

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