Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Avalanche - The Road Less Travelled

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Gotta admit that when I first saw this title being put forward, I had a sense of doom, gloom, despondency and despair. I know that's actually four senses (as it were) but hey, I'm a drama queen, what can I tell you? Not because I thought The Road Less Travelled was going to be a bad track, with Avalanche that wouldn't be possible. A so so track maybe, but never anything less than highly professional. That professionalism comes from the band being together for thirty years this year. Nope, my conniption was about the title, a name I had ascribed to one of my own upcoming releases, and it led me to a few choice words wiv me ol' mate Serendipity. Not to mention a couple of hissy fits in the direction of Avalanche :D Still, ferk it, s'all good innit? Regardless of what my own particular panty twist is at the moment, just playing an Avalanche track well soon dispell a bout of grumpy gruff. The reason is twofold: Avalanche are the ultimate rock animal, red in tooth and claw. The second reason is the one I mentioned before, the total dedication to getting it right - every time.

First time, I bet, that an avalanche can be considered consistent eh?

It helps that the sort of rock you like is the kind that has spawned all the memorable American rock bands, because Classic Rock is what Avalanche delliver; the sort you can picture in action as the track plays. Having said all that, The Road Less Travelled takes a while getting to the real meat and potatoes (Ed: he means keeeerrraaannggg) but once you get there all is forgiven. It's the part of this Avalanche I like the best. For example, the track starts with a whole acoustic section; redolent of the American style of rock. But when the band put the pedal to the metal, in the chorus, they show the massive pair of rock stones that endear them to an old rock freak like me. I defy you, o gentle reader, not to give this a spin though, and find yourself going down the road singing it to yourself and if you get in a car and drive you are f****** for life.

The combination of drums, bass and twin guitarists is irresistable enough, I'd be glued from note one. Take that thought one step further and combine it with the skill and experience of this four man band and blend it all with some awesome songwriters such as Mike Foster and Mark Easton, there is no way this track could fail. At least within its genre, and certainly IMHO, as commercially viable as anything else you are likely to hear on the face of the Earth. If you are not aware, I expect more from artists I have respect for, and I am highly critical of anything out of place - and believe me I do look hard. I couldn't find anything whatsoever I didn't like about The Road Less Travelled in a professional manner; and it hits a couple of personal emotional buttons too. The song is about the band's thirty year history and is a track full of the truth known to more musicians than the miniscule amount of artists that manage the task of being 'stars. Well, in my world, stars are people who affect me directly and personally and no real world music comes close.

MUST HAVE Classic rock.

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