Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Timmy Sells His Soul - Good Little Consumer

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Timmy Sells His Soul is the absolutely brilliant bandname for a solo project from one Daniel Euphrat. If that name is familiar that may be because you have encountered him with brother Greg in the band Dross who I have encountered a couple of times in the past. Once in collaboration with arch musical fiend Guanoman with the incredibly lurid title, Gradually Sealing Every Orifice In His Head (December 2004) - to my ears a dense, intense combination but not for those with weak stomachs. Then I came across them in their own right with Naptha Dentifrice (May 2005) where again they can throw up a strong sound, albeit one that nibbles voraciously on your nerve endings. As I say, not for the faint of heart.

Then up pops Daniel in his TSHS guise and he promises us 'strange songs in an essentially 'pop' song structure' Mmmm sounded good to me too, because you can only take so much musical chaos theory innit? Welp, don't approach this track wearing anything that might get - shall I say - soiled. because no matter what Good Little Consumer is, it ain't pop as we know it in this universe. Billed as an 'Other:Alternative' track I can testify that the emphasis should be on the Other bit. Mind you, anyone familair with the Dross personna I was gabbling about a while back will recognise this little musical vixen immediately.

As wild as the Euphrat's musical world happens to be, it is an alternative universe even, the sound and energy pumped into the work in terms of performance and production are very much of this world. You are either going to love this stuff, or you are going to hate it. Whenever I play this is I am battered by God knows how many different genres - mostly guitar-oriented. There's thrash, grunge, industrial - in fact every 'dirty' sound known to man. This is all thrown into a musical blender, shot through space at the speed of light before arriving at your earholes as a buzzy, fuzzy strain-to-hear-it cacophony that - strangely enough - works. Every time I hear anything from this quarter it seems that no matter what kind of sonic mayhem is created, it somehow sounds right, proper.

Recommended Alternative Universe.

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