Saturday, September 16, 2006

Soupbone For Murder - Groucho Von Strainer

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Lavalush - the forumname of SFM - asked me to forget reviewing this during this months reviews but hey.... Look at it. Soupbone For Murder? Groucho von Strainer? Come on, the question that should be asked is how the fekk can I resist it?? :D Seriously, this is definitely a contender for wacky names of the year, in all respects. Despite being, I hope, quite a witty guy I often wonder if I should take an artist with a strange/name attitude seriously or not. I like music, and Soupbone For Murder claim to make it so hey, why not.

At least it keeps me off the streets. Which keeps you safe.

You could have slapped me in a dress and called me Sally, so dazed was I the first time I heard this track. It really isn't often that you come across class production allied with instrumental expertise - especially in the acoustic field. Most of this genres artists are of the singer songwriter persuasion and there really aren't that many at all of the calibre of (say) Christopher Martin Hansen or MiKe Silvestri. Having said that, surprisingly enough, Soupbone For Murder comes comfortably close to that mark on this extremely likeable and approachable tune.

Whatever I might think about an artist, the one thing that always determines it is the music and in this case, Groucho Von Strainer is as good anything else around in that genre - and it would beat the pants off a few musicians in other genres too. It's a very hefty brew too, considering it's acoustic background, because almost every manner of known acoustic stringed instrument makes it's presence felt. All produced in a superfine, clear mix that lets each instrument claim its rightful place. It's also just over two minutes long which is about as much as is necessary for this track to register solidly. Which should also tell you much about this musician. Very tasty stuff indeed and this is an artist (despite being named like some Cluedo character) who definitely SHOULD be taken seriously.

Highly Recommended Acoustic instrumental with just a whiff of traditional...

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