Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lord Skye - Legends Main Theme

Hear The Track Here

I think Lord Skye is trying a bit of Bait The Bear with this request ;) I make no secret of my aversion to the Games (shudder) Soundtrack scene, and yet here he is bedevilling me with yet another... Is there no end to this curse? (Ed: I ask myself that several times a day). I jest, of course, but not by much. While its true that I don't like the bleepy, SID type tracks employed by games AT ALL, I do kind of enjoy a well thought out, complete musical soundtrack as much as the next guy and guyess. I will stipulate here though that I mean in the game, I like the music in the game, that's what it's made for. It's the same with movie soundtracks, I'd rather be watching the film with the music in it, ya know what I mean?

Still, there are always exceptions...

I reviewed his Spring~Sunny Meadow track last month and quite liked it although the sounds used wasn't really my cup of tea at all. Still, if you take into account my predjudice against the genre, that counts as a compliment I guess. So, Legends Main Theme is - as you no doubt guessed - the soundtrack to a freeware game LS is working on and is 'a typical march' Oh. Right. Hold on, I'll get out some marching powder (think about it, think about it). While Legends suffers from exactly the same fate as its predecesser in the sound department, to my ears there is no denying that - given the right tools - Lord Skye can be making tracks thta could sit equally well amongst so called 'modern composers' He's certainly got the musical knowledge for that.

See, if you have a little dig around in his kit list (bottom of his SC page), you'll see that our Lord is a musician of the old school; all those cute little black dots on that strangely lined paper. He works with Finale and Fruity Studio, with soundfonts and that is where IMHO the problem lies. I know FS well, and I know and respect its post production wonders. I also know about soundfonts and either GM or XG sound formats, and this track is made almost entirely of the latter. 'Nowt wrong with that!!' I hear the geeks squeak but I beg to differ. The difference IMHO being you have to work to make your creation breathe otherwise it's an art exhibit and nothing more. Personally, Lord Skye, I think you have nothing whatsoever to worry about musically, as you have already proved. Now it's all a matter of presentation. No, wait. Maybe you HAVE to work this way because of the games soundtrack genre?? Somehow, I don't think so.

Musically muscular, but well flabby in the soundsets...

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