Sunday, September 17, 2006

Divine Turmoil - Ambivalent Emotions

Hear The Track Here

Now here's something that going to stretch even my descriptive powers. Get this: Divine Turmoil (great name btw) are in the Alternative: Experimental niche which will probably make a good few listeners pause - unless they read the bands bio in which case things get even murkier. Seems like their influences are Megadeath, Mogwai and other metal maniacs and they seem to plays some decent guitars between them. So who, exactly, does this square with the whole 'experimental' tag? That certainly had me scratching my head for a while because I read all this while downloading the track prior to the review process.

Now that I've heard it, I am absolutely none the wiser.

I am, I have to admit, much cheered by coming across a guitar instrumental in such a setting and a ridiculously good guitar instrumental too. Except, surprisingly enough the kinda Metal section towards the end of the track. That section didn't really work for me, I thought it detracted to much from what had gone before. So, there is no doubt that - in some ways - this IS a bit of an experimental track but whatever you do, don't let that tag put you off this nimble little track. I know what the term means to most people and I know that avoidance is their first response. In this particular case, it would be a mistake - particularly if what I've described above interests you.

Now, when I say this is a guitar track you'd better believe it. Every method that can be brought to bear is used 'as a lap-steel, distortion over clean, and simply playing around with different effects and harmonics' as the band state in the songs comments. As such its definitely worth a listen if you like to hear guitars played well. It's funny though that as convincing as they are in the acoustic arena that this doesn't carry on into the metal phase, which sounds amateurish by comparison. Still, even as a musical exercise it works well so I doubt DT will lose any sleep over anyone's opinion..let alone mine.

Very decent acoustic guitar track, don't let the label fool you.

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