Thursday, September 07, 2006

Strife & TGL - Till The End Of Time

Hear The Track Here

I've been thinking a lot about the past over the past few weeks. First because a lot of the people I knew 2-3 years ago have all of a sudden started appearing again (names like ConKuss, Skizza and others may ring some bells) and - yesterday - i heard that one of the people from that era (an artist known as Pagoda) had passed away. In keeping with that train of coincidence, this month's review list starts off with another artist I have known from that period - Strife (joined in this case by TGL, another member of that long ago site) and now working as a duo.

Nice to see those old faces, that's for sure.

So, although I've given you Strife's SC page as the link, the track up for review can be found at, it does not appear to be on Soundclick as yet. As it happens, I've always had a penchant for Strife's brand of bright n breezy electropop, although he hasn't always delivered things that stand the test of time. Still, that small change when, if all you are looking for is a straight forward peice of electronica that doesn't stretch the brain cells too much but definitely infects the nod and toe-tap muscles. Mind you, having said all that, I like to have a fekking heart attack when I noticed that this obese sucker weighed in at just over 10 minutes. Dance (uh oh) electronica (double uh oh) that should be enough to give Gilmore the galloping gripes right enough.

Good job then that I have both a taste for Strife's work, if still a marked dislike for the genre he works in, and Till The End Of Time shows him to be in fine, fine form and is a classic example of what Strife does best. For my money, ten minutes is stretching a listeners attention span, although I can imagine this would go dance a storm in yer average electronica haunt, it has tremendous dancebility. But here's the thing. Remember I started off this review by yapping about 'back in the day'? Well, I've known Strife for most of the time he has been online, and his experience and maturity as an online musician is exceptional. He is still pursuing the same musical road he was on when I first met him but by God he has learned some tricks since then. I NEVER thought I'd ever say this about a electronica dance track, even less so a ten minute Gorilla in Our Midst version, but I feel I have no choice, this is that good.

Highly Recommended (yep, even electronic and longer than a long thing).

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