Monday, September 18, 2006

Prash - Love Means Never Having To Say It Aloud

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Here's another artist who has been going great guns on Soundclick over the past couple of years, and one of my favourite Soundclick artists of all time. Obviously a lot of that has to do with me knowing the guy (so to speak) and the day to day interactions we have, but long before I got to know him he was just a noobie like you, or you. It was his music that sold me on the person, as is usually the case. Fact is, there is no denying that Prash is an individualistic, talented musician and one that can make music to satisfy many ears - regardless of genre preferences.

An accomplished musician is an accomplished musician, right?

After a string of Must Haves and two appearance in my end of year reviews (2004 & 2005), Prash has done a grand job as far as I am concerned and judging by his many fans and listeners, he is doing it right. This year has been a bit slow on the Prash front although he stormed back into form with his collaboration with Chris Bishop (aka Project Overseer) on What Has Happened To Peace On Earth (August 2006), a track I highly recommend you get a listen to. Now you would think that Prash - being a mate and all - would know I [grinding teeth]fekkin HATE[/ungrinding teeth] - and I quote here - 'mushy love song(s)'.

Not the usual sort of drivel you'd expect from the lad, is it? Well, lessee...

Prash wrote this for a friend as a gift to HIS wife (Prash is still single, ladies) and I think that is a great idea. Don't buy her flowers, buy her a song :D Nonetheless I wish he had put up the lyrics on the site, but as I struggled with my massive predjudices, I think I got the gist of it. What we find is Prash in fine pop form, albeit with a massive overdose of sugar - mostly admittedly from the lyrics. The music though is pure Prash; soft, inviting and so smooth you could use it as a ski slope. I freely admit that I don't like this song as much as some of Prash's own personal tracks, but Love Means... carries all the hallmarks of the skills I - and many others - have come to associate with this artist.

Highly Recommended (providing you like (ahem) 'mushy love songs').

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