Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Onemob - Rain Lobes (Remix)

Hear The Track Here

If you clicked on the website link before reading this review, you are probably feeling a bit confused. The link is to the SC page of the concisely named Soupbone For Murder - an artist you may remember from my encounter earlier this month with the Groucho Von Strainer track - a lovely, and very surprisingly acoustic instrumental. So does Soundclick stalwart Onemob have to do with this? Welp, obviously our old friend and master beatsman has done a remix and this is the beast it rode in on. However, hearing a remix is nothing unless you've had a go on the original so let's take that first... If you are on the webpage (god bless tabbed browsers!), it's the next track down from Onemob's remix.

Like Groucho Von Strainer is delightfully acoustic and it automatically gets in my good books because it uses country strings (mandolin, acoustic guitar, banjo). It's also a surprisingly good song with - I presume - vocals from 'The Mac' of Quaco Project. Shame that the lyrics didn't get posted with the track because I sure could have done with them but no doubt there's a reason for this. I did like the original a great deal, I got to admit and would have given it a good rating for being a good song, encased in a solid arrangement. Good vocals too.

Onemob's version approaches from the other direction entirely and kicks your head in from the first beat. So far, so Onemob then eh? Over the years I have known this guy he has thrown some considerable chunks of material at me, most of which I have appreciated, if not actually kept. Those same years have given Onemob a production sound and trickery that really suits the DnB arrangement this remix is set in. There's not a lot left over for frills because what counts here is the intensity of the groove. The original version doesn't really appear until about halfway through the track and then disappears back into the undergrowth quickly enough. As much as the original is still here, the reason I just put Onemob in the title of this review is because the bulk of the track is most definitely his work. More banging for your buck and no mistake, a master of the arts.

Quality hardcore drums and bass. Highly Recommended. (btw, so is the original!)

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