Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rolland Harrison - Ja Makin Moonshine

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I first came across this fluid, competent jazz guitarist last month when I reviewed his Dogtown Blues track, and right good it were too. Of course, it has to be stated that not everyone jives to jazz, but there are enough afficiendos of the genre to give Rolland Harrison the big thumbs up. Truth is, this kind of cool blue jazz is all too rare, at least with this amount of dexterity; there are loads of jazz players around but not too many jazz guitarists. So, if you need a welcome change to bonka-bonka and cheep-cheep-whirr-whirr then bend an ear this guys way, I garantee he will keep you amused even if you think jazz is 'ole time music'

T'ain't I tell ya!!

A collaboration, this time with the curtly named ODB or ODannyboy to be completely accurate. Matter of fact, this should be accurately be called an ODB track because the only thing that Rolland contributes here is the lead guitar. Of course, saying 'only' the guitar much denigrates the awesomely fluid licks Rolland contributes to these proceedings; his tone and his dexterity are wonders to behold. However, when all is said and done, the guitar piece is only one small part of this extremely well made, breezy as a September day track.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting ODB to sound anything like as polished (slick even) as he does and I have no idea why. Certainly, the lightness of being that carries this track through its paces may well give you the impression that this is a lightweight track, but that would be mistaken. Sure, there's not much driving this superficially, but over a period of time, this track seems to develop momentum easily enough so don't go by first impressions. Ja Makin Moonshine is a wide open, extremely friendly track that will certainly find a home amongst those who like their music on the softer, gentler side.

Highly Recommended (for the song and performance of both artists)

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