Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Jeremy Nail Duo - California

Hear The Track Here

Jeremy Nail and Justin Sitz (AKA The Jeremy Nail Duo) are a new name to me and by the looks of it Soundclick too. Considering they cite such mope muppets as The Cure, Morrisey and U2, they have a surprisingly light easy sound and decidely more upbeat lyrics than 'I hate me, I hate you, I hate everything and everybody and life is really horrible' that are the usual frolicking ground of the English Le Miserables. Bet you get the impression I can't stand all that self absorbed navel gazing eh? You'd be dead right too.

Get a grip, life sucks. Deal with it as my American chums like to spout.

There's a very Californian sound about California (Ed: Did he just write that!! Please tell me he didn't just write two fricking California's), so if you were already thinking Beach Boys, Eagles etc then you'd be partway right. Therefore it stands to reason that this is just one facet of what these two songwriters do because I can discern no English influence whatsoever - mopy or otherwise. What I do get is that special flavour that West Coast inspired tracks always bring, sunshine through my ears and direct to my soul and that, my friends, is exactly what I would have expected. So, as far as material goes, I'm sold. California is a great song, well performed but it would have been nice to see some lyrics, always an important factor in listening pleasure.

Where the track does fall down is the overall sound, and to my mind, the lack of drums to really nail this sucker to the floor. Had it had those attributes, I would have needed the tissues while being around this track if you take my filthy innuendo. Without it what you get is a light, breezy, guitar and vocal workout that serves to show what kind of track California could be, given the right arrangement. As it is, I can certainly recommend it for it's inbuilt sunshine and general likeability and after several plays I see the Bono in the vocals, which is no bad thing. Provided that there is no whining :D

A little slice of sunshine.

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