Friday, September 08, 2006

Digital Juggernaut - The Berlin Sex Slave

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Digital Juggernaut is the band name of Tim Spicer, a 22 year old producer and DJ from Warwickshire,UK. A new name to me from MP3 Unsigned to be sure, and one that works in the Breakbeats field too, which - as you well know - isn't always a good place for me to find decent tracks. Funnily enough, MP3 Unsigned seems to be home to a lot of Breakbbeat artists, so it's a bit puzzling that I haven't had to deal with lots more of them. Maybe, in this case, my reputation really does preceed me....

Or maybe I'm just as nasty as people make out :D

If I didn't already know DJ was a Reason user, certainly the first instrument would have shown me. A plucked string VST that many of us will be all to familiar with, and not a sound everyone loves, including me. It is a 'factory' sound that I feel could have been made more of by even just the slightest of tweaks to it and it shows a hint of laziness that it wasn't done. The same thing applies to the JFK sample, which to my mind is used way too much and after a while just serves to get on your nerves. Although there are undoubtedly some really good ideas buried away in this track, I don't think they were much capitalised on. Certainly the bassline is strong enough to keep the track afloat but to my mind the arrangement is a little too ragged to really hold interest.

Here again, I seem to be at odds with the number of comments praising this track, and I fear that I will have to put that down to me not particularly liking the genre. Personally I feel like a LOT more attention could have been paid to getting the sounds right (particularly the factory sounds) and working the arrangement a little better. The same could be said of the drum track which is so sparse it comes down to a single snare hit. Now that SOUNDS like it should work out fine, but to my ears it just highlights the sparseness of the arrangement. Maybe if you really like the genre, you will probably think differently, but for me, well I come away from this track disappointed. Won't stop me listening to what else this artist has to offer, and this review should not stop you from checking out this track too - remember I am an old curmedgeon as far as material like this goes...

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