Sunday, September 10, 2006

Redshirt Theory - Good Grace

Hear The Track Here

At least I think this is the track I am supposed to review but my copy says this is called Good Faith so I'm a bit confused. Situation normal then. I'm not confused about Redshirt Theory though because Aaron Jones (for it is he) has delivered some very neat music my way over the past few months. One of which, Its Been a Long Time (June 2006) got a Must Have rating from me and considering it was a dance track I'd say that was a rare compliment for this guys work. In the space of a year or so, Redshirt Theory have carved out a nice little spot on MP3 Unsigned, and deservedly so. It appears there's dance music and then there GOOD dance music. There's a turn up for the books.

This is a collaborative effort, including our old friend Mark Alexander who seems to be popping up everywhere just lately. So let me see if I can get this right (for a change). Aaron is responsible for arranging, producing, with added vocals, piano and bass from Mark. I have to tell you Mark and I have had words about some of the things he does but - in all truth - I have never heard him sound better than on this track. A wonderful, powerfilled vocal that soars thanks to the faultess production and mix that is a standard feature of Redshirt work.

The icing on this particular smorgasbord is supplied by the engimatically named 'essence' who picks up the bulk of the vocal duties. Again she is tremendous uplifted by the production being brought to bear but nonetheless she would still have sounded good even if she were recording into a bucket. She has one of those voices, you know what I mean? A breathy, ethereal thing of light and beauty, it floats through the track with confidence and maturity. When Mark enters the picture (around 2:40) though, it's his vocal that captures the attention. Now whether that's because I know the guys work well and - as I say - I haven't heard him sound better than this, and I'm therefore biased. For my money though, Mark Alexander stamps his personality on this track in no uncertain terms. Absolutely top marks for all involved, in every respect. This is a killer track and no mistake, you'd be a fool to miss it.


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