Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Alchemystic - New Horizons

Hear The Track Here

Considering he was going to give all this music lark a miss a couple of months ago, Alchemystic has been a surprisingly busy boy. It's a fact that keeping up your internet presence is often more of a pain in the ass, and a great many of us get discouraged, some forever. Still, there are even greater numbers of us to which the thought of doing anything different is completely laughable. I freely admit that there is nothing I'd rather be doing than making music and sharing it with my friends and listeners. Even if I had no friends and no listeners I'd STILL be doing this because it is what makes me get up in the morning - the thought that today I may come up with an inspiring track.

The same, I think, is true of Alchemystic, not matter what he says.

I think I must have had a direct download to this track on another site because it doesn't seem to exist on either Soundclick or the artists main site. Quite why that should be so, I can't remember but I'm sure the man will be along presently to enlighten us. New Horizons, as it's title suggests is well in the film soundtrack groove and it's only the steadying presence of Alchemystic's musical nous that's keeping me rooted enough to find out whether it's gonna make me dream or scream.

Because of the compositional nous he displays, and the tremendously tidy job he makes of the production, I can forgive this guy delving into my least favourite genre easily enough. Suffice to say that as much as I enjoyed listening to this track, to my ears it isn't one of Alchemystic's 'keepers'. His many fans will definitely like this lush, epic production and if you have no idea what I've been throwing at your eyeballs for the past three paragraphs, this is a good place to start. So, yeah a bit soundtrack-y but still a good peice of music for all that.

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