Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cameron Pierce - Cold

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It's pretty much a given now that when I see a new Cameron Pierce track on my review list, I am going to like it so there's my bias out the way from the start. The only question, in my mind, anyway is am I going to keep it? See, despite me seeming to rave about most anything that comes down the pike, I am very selective indeed at the amount (and quality) of the tracks I give hard drive room for. These are usually Must Have's and contribute greatly towards my year end awards points system. For example, out of the 500+ tracks I have reviewed this year, I have kept 83.

See how tough it is?

Not that Cameron needs to worry overly much, he has figured in every year end review so far, mainly because he really IS that good, and certainly one of the most consistently good artists on Soundclick. To be sure you would need to be into his brand of semi-acoustic pop rock with a distinct leaning towards the harmony group approach, and in this case the vocals are always worthy of a listen or two. So, you will hear a slick, polished songwriter at work and if you like that kind of thing, believe me you and Cameron really should and Cold is a good enough example of what he does.

Aaah, you say, but is it a keeper? Welp, again he has nothing to worry about on that score because he already has one of those 83 slots I mentioned. As likeable as Cold is, I admit that I did have some problems with it. Certainly not with the song itself or even the production (my usual harrowing ground) in this case, I think it's the performance that's throwing me. Despite it's semi-acoustic setting, Cold is an angry song, and it's not afraid to show it. It felt to me when the track really started to emote (and it does that exceedingly well) the vocals didn't quite match the drive of the track. Mind you, this is a quibble this small (holds finger and thumb together) because as usual everything else sounds very good and I'm just merciless ain't I? Yeah, mean too...

Recommended Pop Rock. Not Cold at all, hot even.

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