Thursday, September 21, 2006

One Kids Lunch - Things To Do

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Yet again our 'goofy Christian rock' mates launch another instruction manual at the world; Things To Do. One of the best things to do - this year anyway - is to listen to what these guys have to say. In the space of three tracks OKL have endeared themselves to me forever. Why? Because they are silly, that's why. Not like stupid silly (falls ass over tit down a manhole) just plain silly silly. Not that there is anything whatsoever silly about their music - which is pretty much cream of the crop as a listen to any one of their tracks will show you.

Christians haven't normally been known to behave in this fashion...

Dustin and Dave are OKL and are extremely gifted musicians and songwriters and you would be hard pressed to find anything on Soundclick that was both exhuberant AND irreverent at the same time. As wacky as their tracks have been - and they have been - they still have a solid music backing, and so does Things To Do, and that is the extent of the difference. Where the other tracks I have heard sheltered a very lively pop sensibility (as in Beatles Pop) but Things To do has more in common with music from Zappa, the Residents, Devo and their ilk.

This is just plain weird. Good weird, but still weird.

It took me a while to get the band's slant this time, and I think that was because Things To Do is immediately accessible, completely off the wall and quite possibly the best thing I have heard this year - and certainly the funniest. It takes a fine artist indeed to make this reviewer soil his boxers but these guys seem to do it effortlessly - every time! The first time I heard it, I couldn't concentrate on what was going on I was laughing so much but after a while this track WILL work its magic on you. Definitely the feel-good track of the year.

(another) MUST HAVE

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