Saturday, September 16, 2006

Retrograde Pop - In A Little While

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OK I'm going to be REALLY rude here and address myself to the many, many old farts frequenting Soundclick, because a lot of the things I have to say apply directly to people of my generation (crusty to falling to bits) and the flashbacks I am about to unleash in your direction may hinder your thought processes. All this chatter just lately about the new Bob Dylan album got me thinking about this most influential of artists. Me, I love and adore his Blood On The Tracks sound and I suspect that is one of the reasons I have grown to love the musical talent we know as Cam because he captures that languid tone so well.

Yep, that is him in a earlier, gentler time. He looks about 12 doesn't he? ;)

Retrograde Pop is a new cubbyhole for a younger version of Cam's Even Song and I know for a fact there are going to be thousands of musicians on here who will recognise and empathise with regurgitating his musical past. See, another of my most influential artists has been The Beatles, particularly in their more lyrical moments and this Cam combines both Beatle AND Dylan most superbly. In A Little While isn't the time it took this track to adhere itself to my ears, cos that happened in about two notes. While it's true that there is a lot of musical reference here (for us alleged old farts) there's also a classic Cam performance.

All the Retrograde Pop tracks date from when Cam was a mere 16 and are some of the tracks he wrote at the time, re-recorded and performed - or at least that's my understanding. However, when you are deep in the midst of a track with the lushness of In A Little While, such things don't matter because - as Cam says - he's only picking the best tracks from the period and this is definitely that and a bit more besides. Fact is I couldn't care less when this was made/written/spawned, all I care about is yet another almost flawless Cam performance encased in an arrangement that owes everything to both Beatles and Dylan but with that typical Cam lightness of touch. Irrisistable to Cam fans certainly but I suspect this is also a casual listener wake up call too. Classic Cam. Who'da thunk it?


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