Friday, September 22, 2006

David Orrick - Viral Storm

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Fancying myself as a bit of a wordsmith, I am not likely to ignore someone who manages to wangle the word 'malarky' into a sentence. David Orrick managed this feat thusly 'being a newcomer to this Soundclick malarky' he chirped, 'I'd be interested in what your thoughts are on a three peice suite'. It took me some minutes I can tell you before I realised he didn't want to talk about living room furniture, but my lightning brain functions finally sputtered into life and made the correct translation. David explains further 'as I write in the filmscore/soundtrack/game-music areas and this selection is from a 70 minute album'


Three part peice?? 70 minute album??? Or, most frightening of them all 'filmscore/movie soundtrack' Quick Nurse, the screens!! I fondly imagine that even the lowliest Mongolian Yak herder would know of my intense dislike of the whole movie soundtrack thing by now, but let me just say it one more time: music belongs in FILMS. OK, I feel so much better now. My fears were somewhat assuaged when I noticed that Viral storm was only 9 minutes or so.. There are days I whishked I shoulda stood in bed (Ed: is this an example of the brain in action then?)

Viral Storm starts as if it were going to become a Pink Floyd spectacular, which is no bad thing in my books. It's sense of something looming in the background is really keen, causing me to glance fretfully over my shoulder. This tension is screwed to within an inch of its life until you feel you can't encompass any more but yet it still keeps coming until - around 2:17 - it starts raining. Certainly extremely evocative so far, and I guess that is the aim of music like this and the next section (a kinda Tubular Bells feel) is to create music pictures and that it does superbly. Then, just before four minutes, the REAL tune kicks in and knocks you on your ass. A pulsing, squirming, guitar driven almost rock tune that pleases these ears immensely. The sounds, and the depth of attention and detail in both the arrangement and production spell out q-u-a-l-i-t-y of a high order. If I were you I would completely ignore the genre classification and grab this track simply because it's a terrific peice of music that'll have you guessing every step of the way. Some serious shit, as those rascally old hippies would have it.

Most Highly Recommended (and I never get to say that about film soundtracks).

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