Monday, September 18, 2006

Big Wheel - Lost

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It's not bad enough having the damn thing on the telly every five minutes, Big Wheel now gets to tell us to get Lost too. Come on, I mean wtf is it with that program?? I loved Twin Peaks and thought that was pretty confusing but I's lost in Lost. I'm not lost with Big Wheel though, I know exactly what I am getting into now; electronica and lots of it. You know this is an area I graze in often but don't generally stay in but with two tracks, Big Wheel has said 'yeah but I'm different'.

And he is...

There's electronica (boink, boink, whirr whirr) and there's electronica (oooh how do they do that?) and Lost is in the second category. With a splendid bass and drum track, this track insinuates itself into your mind a damn sight better than the TV series ever will, and it makes a lot more sense too. One of the features that struck me about BW's stuff from the getgo was his production values and Lost shows off this skill to a T. It even has a hint of the 'I am a TV soundtrack' about it too, it's languid building style a sure fire addition to any self respecting Sound Library.

I've made mention before of Big Wheels tendency towards the 1980's electropop sound but that is not a charge that could levelled here. Lost is very much of the now, a broody, moody peice of work that doesn't seem anything like it's four and a half minute length. That should also tell you that Big Wheel's work is fairly dense (ie theres lots of interesting details) but is nonethless clear as a bell. I'm not sure whether Lost will join the other track I kept of his, but right now I am liking this track very much; for it's style, it's subtlety and terrific production.

Class electronica, Highly Recommended.

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