Friday, September 08, 2006

Nuff X - Inside (What I Want)

Hear The Track Here

Having just said in my Digital Juggernaut review that I don't particularly like breakbeat, here is a breakbeat artist I DO have a bit of time for. Although Nuff X and I got off to a rocky start, over the past few months he has shown me that first impressions can often (Ed: I think he means always...) be wrong. His cutup style of breakbeat is very much too my liking and he has shown consistently over the past two or three releases that is not just a one-off either. So much so that I gave his Open Your Eyes and See Me Screaming (August 2006) a Highly Recommended and - believe me - that isn't my normal reaction to breakbeats.

The difference, of course, being experience, musical maturity and a willingness to go that little bit further to make the track actually work. Inside (What I Want) is considerably heavier than anything I have heard from Nuff X, in terms of both instrumentation and feel and so far I've had a very decent time of it. Again, it shows to me that with this artist it really is ideas that count and this guy has a barrelful of them, on almost every one of his tracks of late.

From the opening synth/kick routine you know that you are listening to finely balanced sound, the kick sound in particular is a joy to behold. Mind you, it's all the extraneous sounds that make the track work for me. 'Is this truly what you want' Nuff whispers in your ears and I have to say that yes, this is exactly what we want. Great musical ideas, used in a way that is as unique as it is possible in a genre done to death. As good as a breakbeat artist as he may be, for me this is a thinking musician who truly works hard to get his point across.

Highly Recommended (as if that were any surprise) Seriously disturbing.

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