Monday, September 11, 2006

Envy - Everything

Hear The Track Here

You may notice I have a blank look today. That is because although I have had a lot of experience with the emotion called envy (that sly green goddess!!), I have no experience whatsoever with the MP3 Unsigned artist by that name. So, let's see (squints at screen) yadda yaddda, ahh. Older track of theirs, revamped. Yadda yadda. A five peice band from Sarf Eas' Lunnun. Rock! Yeah, that'll do it. So, as you can see I'm struggling enormously to give you any meaningful info so stop being such lazy gits and go and find out for yourself what Envy are about.

Let's concentrate on the music...

When they say rock, mind, they mean of the rough and in-yer-face variety and that's usually the best kind of rock music. There's some very authentic buzzes and whines at the beginning that make me think that this is basically a live recording and if it ain't these guys have done a great job of getting it to sound like it was. Everything turns out to be pretty much old school rock, rifferama city even. Nothing wrong with that and Envy turn in a very capable performance that made me pay attention, at least for the first few plays.

Once I started to really look at the track though there were things I though could have been done better, but considering all the activity in the track - if it was recorded live - would have been nigh on impossible. However, as a wishlist, I think the vocalist could stop trying so hard and r-e-l-a-x into the track it would help, although the vocals as a whole are still good enough. The evidence of straining to reach notes is fairly noticeable though, but only to a nitpicker like me. The overall sound could have been easily beefed up a little more, considering this is blood and thunder craggy, wizened rock, it's quite easy on the ear.

Good song though, and that's what will do it for this band...

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