Thursday, September 28, 2006

Parasol - Sleeping

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Call me completely clueless as far as Parasol goes. A completely new name to me but who says he's 'some kid strumming the guitar not really caring if anyone listens or not'. YAh, right, heard that one before. Of course y'all care about whether anyone listens, that's why you are doing it right?? It's a tad more difficult, I find, to get people to listen to your music when you are in the Acoustic Folk genre. Don't know why but the very term brings lots of people out in a red mist. I suspect this is down more to the image the terms conjures up, than anything any of the genre's artists are doing wrong. The one thing the genre CAN be relied upon for is to throw up some good songs. I also told a fib about not knowing anything about Parasol because I just found a review I did just last month on Still A Bit of Everything Here, and pretty much just repeated the opening paragraph of that review.

DOH!! Old timers!!!

Turns out that despite it's musical sparsity, I liked the way Parasol put the song across. We all got to start somewhere, innit? So, given that you already like the genre, nothing will come as a surprise. What might come as a surprise is the 25 seconds or so of dead air before ANYTHING happens, not an auspicious start and one I recommend Parasol deal with immediately. The song itself is fairly wordy, so it comes as a bit of surprise that the lyrics are not posted, that would help too. However, thats just mere dressing because the real problem with this track lies in the songs structure, and it's delivery.

Let me see if I understand this. You have a recording device of some kind, either a straightforward stereo cassette system, or a basic 4 track. Most of your work is done in your bedroom (don't we ALL know that one), and you can't make too much noise otherwise the family will be on the recording too. The problem is that it really effects the way you emote your songs lyrics. I can hear you trying to be quiet, and that ain't good. The guitar also appears to be slightly out of tune and this only serves to make things worse. When the only things on the track are as flawed as this, the only thing to do is to try and capture it again....and again.........and again....

And haven't we all heard that one before too.

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