Thursday, September 07, 2006

Herult Hennreg - Journeyman

Hear The Track Here

Herult Hennereg is (and I quote his words) 'a genre chameleon whose weirdness is his blessing' so there. It is, however, a fairly accurate description, at least judging from what I already know about Journeyman, having lived with it for a few days. Weirdness IS a blessing as far as I am concerned and - in this case - it is rightly applied. For sure, you may well hear some of this artists quality elsewhere but there can be no denying - whatsoever - you won't hear much that would better this. That applies regardless of what your particular musical preference may be. That's because Journeyman is that special, and exceeding rare thing, a beautifully produced, artfully rendered, seamless track is is nectar to your hearing implements.

Herult Hennereg is obviously a new name to Soundclick although I notice that HELLbus has already picked up on the quality on display here and that's agood sign. As soon as I heard this track, my immediate impression was that he must be Swedish. He is, as it turns out, Austrian (I think) so that goes part way to explaining exactly how good his music is. Not sure what it is about the pop sensibility of artists from Europe but there is a craftsmans touch about this which can only be European. Even at their most innovative, American musicians could never come out with something so complex, and yet so simple. Now, before I get innundated with abusive emails from our friends with the big hats and even big skies, you KNOW I like American music but hey, listen to this then tell me what American artists sounds or feels like this.

I think the reason also I am making the Swedish connection is that Journeyman reminds me of the work of Sylvan & Bonamici if not in style then certainly for the arrangement and production values. Journeyman is pretty much yer typical sea shanty (I kid you not) although it's probably more ho ho than yo ho. It's also encased in a rock solid rock arrangement all of which makes it an absolutely cracking song and to be sure that's it's main selling point, but certainly not the whole of the picture. In every other respect (performance, production, arrangement and musical idea) this is the real deal and well deserving of the high rating I am about to give it.

Excellent idea, brilliantly brought to life and a MUST HAVE.

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