Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ditheramb - Fell Apart

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Since I came across this Australian band when I reviewed In My Shadow (October 2005), they have seldom been off my radar. Part of that allure has to be down to my own liking for the band's rock credentials and their particular slant on what the term 'metal' should mean. Part of that is down to a personal friendship with Steve Kinghorn (the most visible member of the band). The other members, Steve's brother Scott, Jack Greenhill and Glenn Townsend, probably have a life and get out more which Steve - and this Steve - can only dream about. A right couple of saddo's. No wonder we are mates...

Actually, probably not now eh?

The difference between Ditheramb and most bands that the bulk of humanity regard as metal is style. A three chord bash, a castrato on vocals, and a drumkit the size of Mars generally is the impression most people gather, before running away screaming. For my money, Ditheramb's influence comes from something much bigger than metal, and certainly something with a lot more intelligence - both lyrically and musically. Out of the five or six tracks I have reviewed from this band, I have never known them to shirk the more difficult arrangements/lyrical content and carry it off in their own inimitable style.

On a more personal level, I feel like I am going back into the band's recent history, and question if we are to hear anything new from the band soon (hint, hint). Yep, never satisfied me... If you are already a Ditheramb fan, you will know this track, and if you are not, this may not be the track to start with. 3 Away, Darkest Hour and the classic Euphoria would be the better bet. Not because this isn't a good Ditheramb track, it is. However, I thought it may be a bit too dense for yer average casual listener. Only my opinion of course but after living with this track for a while, it doesn't strike me with anything like the impact of the tracks I've mentioned above. Still, when put against yer average metal, this would bounce them out of the ballpark every time; musical ideas applied with considerable intelligence. Now that's not something you usually associate with metal is it?

Recommended Classic rock (regardless of what others say...)

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