Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Waxko - Can We Get it?

Hear The Track Here

Or Pero...¿Podremos conseguirlo? if you 'appen to be as Spanish as Mr Waxko. The same would apply to the lyrics of this track and I dare not put them through a Babelfish translation because it the best word mangler I ever came across, it doesn't so much translate as take some seriously (un)educated guesses. I found this out the hard way, so heed the advice. Waxko and I hit it off straight away with his first couple of tracks but things haven't gone so well since then. Still, that's the way it is sometimes, real good tracks are hard to come by and often come about over a long period of time...

Still, let's try this one...

It's a hefty peice of work, weighing in at six and a quarter minutes and believe me if there is one word that can be used to describe this track it has to be cadence. It think it will probably help with your enjoyment of this track if you were into pounding a few million drums because this tracks main supports are exactly that. To be fair, they's good drums, especially if you like 'em all a-poundy like that and stereo separated to within an inch of their lives. Mind you, for a track as long as this, it sure as hell better have something more going for it than some tasty pounding - regardless of how well it's done. It is, as it happens, very well done but I would say that because I do love the sounds of drums in general and the pounding kind are my favourite kind.

To help the track, Waxko has also provided a decent musical score although - to my ears - it often seemed to be pushed into the background by the aforementioned drum assault. As powerful and muscular as the rhythm track is, the musical side of it sounds more chillout than you would think and - truth to tell - it's certainly better than the last couple of tracks I recieved from this artist. It has a lot more to say for itself for a start, and although it does have a couple of (I think) fairly large production/mix problems, it's very nature and drive is what keeps me coming back for more. I might well grow into this track a little more than it feels at this moment and it may have problems finding the right audience - other than me of course.

A lively track that is slightly marred by its overall mix.

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