Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dimension 5 - Sunset Beach (Viva Ibiza Dance Edit)

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A point I made at the beginning of this year when I wrote a small peice about the death of my (internet) friend Mary Gottschalk, also spring to mind when dealing with Dimension 5. They absolutely shot to prominence on MP3 Unsigned almost out of the blue which very few artists achieve normally, and that was explained when a much older name came out of the undergrowth as the main mover behind D5, one Clive Beresford known to all and sundry as Spyda. See, the point made in the Mary Gottschalk peice was that friends are friends, on the internet or off it. After 13 or 14 years on the internet you get to meet a hell of a load of people, some you click with and some you don't. So what is a friend? Someone who you share a large slice of your life with, a person you share many experiences with: up, downs, births and yes death's and tragedies. Over the space of three years or so I have had one of those relationships with Spyda and I know the guy has had more than his share of troubles lately. The fact that Dimension 5 is an offshoot of those troubles says everything that needs to be said about this musician.

I first met Clive over three years ago and even though he didn't work in a genre I enjoyed, he still managed to capture my attention and keep it. Dance has always been Clive's predominant skill so it's really no surprise that Dimension 5 is his answer to it. I mean the guy has so many artist names it's hard to keep track!. Sunset Beach (Viva Ibiza Dance Edit) is, as you will no doubt gather, is from the summery Ibiza side of the dance music and - in fact - a return to Spyda's own roots. I put this track back to back with an REALLY old Spyda track (Blue Without You, August 2003) and the development is phenomenal although the mix of Spyda funk is still there but much, much stronger and more defined. To be sure, anyone who has the slightest, remotest interest in the genre will just love this track and it's so utterly commercial it should be Government certified.

It's on the production side that sells me on the track. There is no doubt in my mind that Clive has progressed beyond all imagining in his production skills in most spheres, but when he applies it to his first love it's always something magiical. The bass on this track is a wonder of the world, let alone all the frilly bits Clive hangs around like confetti. The sound of this is so gorgeous, you could float away on it. I certainly did more than once or twice. I've heard this artist do a lot of commercially viable tracks over the years but this tops everything so far. This has all the ingredients of a summer hit AND still have enough leftover to bring out the sun in midwinter, well worthy of the praise and attention it has gathered on MP3 Unsigned.

MUST HAVE dance classic.

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