Saturday, July 29, 2006

ArtRuleS - Bring The Jazz

Hear The Track Here

I am the first one to applaud when an artist shows they have an essential ingredient for sticking with this internet music game: tenacity. I especially applaud it when the said artist has a barrage of not so hot reviews and still persists in following thier dream in the way in which they see it. That shows yet another essential ingredient, determination. The ability to let no one put you off what you see is right is the most important trait - that will keep you going through any amount of bad reviews. Yep, you guessed it, ArtRuleS has been trashed by me. Not once, not twice, but several times. Yet here is Arturio G (aka ArtRuleS) with yet another peice for review.

Good on ya dude.

My main gripe, over the last three tracks I've reviewed isn't the genre, I like jazz. It isn't that I don't like whizzo multi-instrumentalist cos I loves 'em - provided they supply that essential spark that connects to me. Nope, my primary concern has been about feel. This is a word used to convey when a track feels right to your perception, everything fitting together, everything having a place. It's also used to describe the impact it should have on the listener and it's a quality that all the best tracks have, the ability to communicate the artists inner being onto someone else. A neat trick and I'm just one of many millions of artists the world over trying to perfect that, AND we all have to start somewhere don't we?

I much prefer this artist when the music strays into the Free Jazz area, and Bring The Jazz struck me immediately as being worth listening to, and it's elaborate arrangement only helped to take me through it step by step. There's a period around the two minute mark where all of sudden this takes off and sets a terrifically lively pace and everything gels. Now THAT is what I call feel. Top marks also to the sound quality (although it sounds like it was recorded in a large room) it still packs the requisite punch. Its a complicated peice but still accessable for all that, and all of this spells a step in the right direction. There's a wonderful small group feeling in this track that really appeals to me but that's because I do like the genre and its instrumentation.

Recommended Jazz.

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