Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Bob Lazar Story - Double Turn Double Safe

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Being a well known genre-bender, it's obvious that I would love the little twists and turns SC artists use to cover what they do. The Bob Lazar Story is from the progressive rock field (yep another one!) by way of Country? Country? You mean 'yahoo' country or the kind that has leafy glades? wtf IS a leafy glade anyway? To mount yet another pulpit, what is it about progressive rock artists over the past six months? Some time ago I only knew of one progressive artist, now suddenly we are knee deep in the pesky varmints...and I think I've made my thoughts on the genre crystal clear. Mind you, it says on my contract (Ed: what contract??) that I have to be objective so....

Double Turn Double Safe is a lot more guitar oriented than I expected, almost a wall to wall rifferama going on there. All of that within the first two minutes mind. then the country kicks in and the track takes off in a big way - at least for this reviewer. What a nice blend of styles this is, and this man knows how to sling an axe around too, if that wasn't made absolutely clear in the first couple of minutes, the last three certainly nail that one. Admittedly, I found the second, more country section, a lot more to my own personal taste but to be honest, I couldn't see a lot wrong with the first couple of minutes either.

Taken all together, I am as surprised as you that I found a prog rock track that I actually had some good words to say about it. A lot of the kudos for that has to be down to whoever is handling the guitar duties on this track, they certainly know how to make it sing. I think it probably helps - as well - that this artist comes from New Zealand and I am most definitely getting a taste for artists from that corner of the globe. Although there is only one track on the Bob Lazar page right now, I hope that there will be others to follow because this one has certainly attracted my interest. Jeezzzz, I must be getting REALLY senile, admitting in public that I liked a prog rock track. Can my reputation stand the strain? Do I care?

Excellent prog rock with a great county twist. Recommended by way of a change.

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