Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fluid Breaks - Dirty Boy

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I've come across the two members of Fluid Breaks three times before, once together and then on their own separate tracks. Two well known names make up this electronica breakbeat outfit: Japan 4 and me ol' mucker (and world class pimp) Tacx. Or, if you want to be really matey, Tomo and Tomos, two very likely lads from the wilds of Cheshire. Together and separately I've rated these guys work, 'top' and 'class' or two of the words I've used to describe them. It also has to be said that Tacx is a promo machine but even so without the music to back it up it still wouldn't work. The music delivers on every level that counts in my game.

Ah, but now they have been married together formally (as it were) will the magic still remain?. While they were a loose duo, sparks flew, but living together on a daily basis is a different ball game altogether. Let's have a quick look into the Fluid Breaks household and see how the newlyweds are getting on... Quick! Avert your eyes, I think we've come at an inconvenient moment!! Oooh, I say, she's a sexy sounding beast isn't she? All that malarky about getting to the shower is enough to give every man within earshot a third leg, and I guess that says that Dirty Boy is exactly what is says on the tin. A bit naughty, a bit saucy, a bit ooooh missis!! Doesn't stop it being an enjoyable four minutes of your time though, although (due to the third leg effect) it would be good if you were sitting down first. Whatever happens don't be dancing to this or you may poke someone's eye out.

I admit in all honesty that I am not really into the whole breakbeat thing as a musical form, except for the vocal cutups thingie which I love. What I do like about the genre, however, is pretty much encapsulated in this track: great production and a serious love of tweaking. I really like the way Tacx dicks around (that's a technical term, I'll have you know) with filters, and I like the way this has been incorporated into what Fluid Breaks do. There are a million production tips going on in this track so if you like the genre and want to make it sound as good as it should, then give this track a listen and understand just why jerky, disconnect and slamming all make for a wonderful aural experience.

Breakbeats by the bucketload...

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