Friday, July 21, 2006

The Antennaheadz - You Know, Times Have Changed and You Are The Enemy

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One of the surprises of the last year or so has been the transformation of one Thomas J from the extremely twisted (if prolific) Station For Imitation to the sax playing music machine that informs much of the work of The Pong Bandits, The Men From San Deigo and many more. As much as like the man's wailing, I haven't really struck musical pay dirt with this guy yet although he has come infuriatingly close more than once or twice. That was always the thing with SFI too, it was always, I wonder if this is going to be the track? So far I have reviewed two Antennaheadz tracks: LoL oMG wTF!!11!! (Bingo Bongo Mix) (January 2006) and Ghosts (May 2006). I wasn't exactly bowled over by LoL oMG wTF!! etc, other than it signified a major shift in what Thomas was up to...

I really liked what Ghosts had to offer and even gave it a recommended rating, and I think that was probably a first for this artist, even though I have reviewed almost every track he has ever released. It is worth it though, Ghosts was a track with a lot to offer. So, in fact, does You Know, Times Have Changed although I think that stretching a good idea out so thin at almost seven minutes probably won't help it's chances. Shame really because this piano led peice of electronica is definitely a worthwhile listen, especially if you like a good melody or two.

And that, unfortunately, is where the whole ball of string starts to unravel...

Not that I am about to trash this peice, far from it. What there is here is very nice indeed bar a couple of the usual niggles I have/always had with this particular artist. Firstly, the sound is a bit wooly on this mix and would have contributed to the 'has it finished yet?' factor. Secondly (IMHO obviously) the drum track is disturbingly lame both in sound and arrangement. Neither of those things, or the time factor, really detract from hearing this really pretty tune - if only it had been a lot shorter it may well have gathered some greater glory. Nonetheless, even listening to the first three minutes will give you the gist of the track and it IS worth a listen, especially if you like the genre (Weird:wonderful)

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