Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nuff X - Am I Cool?

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About the one charge that cannot be leveled at Nuff X is that he is lazy. The guy has a massive 109 tracks on his page so if you are into the more breakbeat kind of dance, then this would be a good destination. Because of that, Nuff X and I haven't always seen eye to eye on the material he comes up with but very rarely on the way he does it. Matter of fact, I have watched this artist improving tremendously over the past year. Coming from the Ejay flavoured Heaven (April 2005) to Feeling Trapped (May 2006) is no mean achievement and shows that practice does actually pay off. Like a lot of artists who start off on 'instant music' programs, he was quick to see he'd have to move on and he did that well, and with considerable style.

So what's he got in store for us this time?

About a ton and a half of the squelchiest bass you have ever heard and some slamming breakbeats to add to the the mixture. As someone who has a vested interest in other artists who are using the vocal cut up style (and or vocal based scratching) as the main lead, I have enjoyed the last two Nuff X tracks because of their inclusion. The same is true of the bulk of Am I Cool?, although there are a couple of small sound issues I would still want corrected but that's me being picky again. All told, there isn't really much wrong with this track and a great deal that is oh so right, especially if you are interested in the genre anyway.

While I freely admit that music in this field doesn't exactly excite me, if music in any genre is done well I'm not going to find too much fault with it. Nuff X has been gaining ground and big credibility over the past year as a part of Soundclick's up and coming electronica artists and if his releases keep up with this pace, it isn't going to be that much longer before this artists starts producing music that can transcend the very narrow musical field that contains electronica in general and breakbeats in particular. It would be interesting to me whether I am presently hearing a series of tracks from the same muse (ie a concentrated period of creativity), or whether these tracks were made some months apart. I tend to favour the first option because they certainly have the feel of that - and that's no bad thing.

Am I Cool? 'course you are!! Recommended breakbeats.

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