Monday, July 10, 2006

Redshirt Theory - Moon Shine

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Third time around for MP3 Unsigned's Redshirt Theory and I must admit I was really curious to hear what they'd dished up this time. Warmed Up (February 2006) certainly piqued my curiousity even though - for my money - it wasn't the slam bang track it should have been. Its Been a Long Time (June 2006), however was everything that their first track had hinted at and then some. A solid, banging mega floorfillah that gained them their first Must Have rating from me and I doubt very much whether that will be the last one. Considering that they specialise in dance (albeit very intelligent dance) - a genre I am not always kind to - I'd say Redshirt Theory are doing very well.

Joined in this track by new MP3 Unsigned darling Lollievox who contributed sax and vocal lines to the usual combustible Redshirt mixture, raises the game considerably. She brings in a mean saxophonist, wailing in fine form, adding considerably to this tracks impact. The production on this track also mirrors the classy job that was done on Its Been A Long Time, with much attention to getting that special rounded sound that so fits music made in this genre. Again, although it IS undisputably a dance track, it's a dance track akin to the music made by the Chemical Brothers or Prodigy.

All meat, a real treat.

For those people who frequent MP3 Unsigned, the name Lollievox will already be quite well known to you, even if the music is still an unknown. Well now is the time to get to know her work. I checked her out as soon as she recieved an AOTW (Artist Of The Week) a couple of weeks ago and was most impressed with her jazzy/bluesy vocal delivery, and what we get on Moon Shine is the merest taste. There is an old skool feel to this track, a throwback to a time when dance music was a bit subtler than it is today and that's no bad thing at all. At the end of the day, all the elements that make up this track are right in place and sounding so, so good. If you like IDM then this will definitely bob your corks. If you like a good jig around the living room of an evening, this will also do the trick.

Highly Recommended, very stylish IDM.

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