Sunday, July 30, 2006

HELLbus - Every Little Thing

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HELLbus first appeared on my personal radar when I reviewed the immaculate Table Fate (January 2006) and gave it a Must Have rating. Doled out a few more of those since too I tell you, so given that it's only been a few months it's amazing how much of an impact HELLbus have made. Right now I have Table Fate, Lift and the incredible Miss Your Little Black Heart sitting on my hard drive and they have no intention of leaving anytime soon. As if. Fact is, I reckon that towards the end of the year HELLbus are going to reap some decent rewards for all this aural fodder of the quality kind. I haven't as yet seen Jon Cockner (aka HELLbus) on too many other sites and that might be an oversight worth correcting. Judged on what I have heard so far, I don't think there's any site around that wouldn't like to host music of this quality.

Spread your wings a bit Jon....

The really knockout thing about this artist that really does my head in, is that no two tracks are alike but all share a very high level of musical thought, arrangement and performance skills and a talent for knowing when something is just right. Take Every Little Thing for example. A soaring, ethereal ballad that even the Queen Of England (that's Elton John, not Brenda) would have been pleased to have written. In fact the first impression I got of the track was of the original Elton John/Bernie Taupin sound. To be sure, there ain't much to it instrumentally, except the most delicate and beautiful piano you are likely to hear this side of Sir Elt, and damnit even HELLbus has the better voice.

Can it get any better than this?

Of course it can, because with a lot more familiarity with the track brings a deep and abiding love for the song it contains. As I already mentioned, you'd have to be a pretty decent singer to be able to hold a tune together over a piano accompaniment and Jon rises to the occasion with the style and professionalism I have come to expect from him. The more you hear this, the more you begin to realise that this is a solid, professional delivery of a blistering torch song. The man has a set of pipes on him for sure, especially the little inflections of the vocal that sent shivers down my spine. If all of this sounds like hyperbole, some over the top hero worship, then you'd be right. However, let's have a little bet, you go and have a listen to this track (or any other HELLbus title) and tell me that this artist isn't destined for something much greater.

MUST HAVE (this is getting tedious now) AND it's a ballad!!

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