Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mirala - Aurora

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Mirala is a 23 year old trance artist from MP3 Unsigned so before we get to the goodies let me throw in the usual caveats. I'm not a big fan of dance music. If I wanted to listen to dance music I'd rather be doing it WHILE dancing if you get my drift. I'm even less of a fan of the electronica dance end of the market and, unfortunately that does include techno and trance. So what's the fekkin point of reviewing this then? Welp, I like to think that after (mumble) years of this review game I can bring objectivity to the exercise, regardless of my personal feelings about the style or genre. After all, good music is good music right? Regardless of it's stripe.

Having said I don't like trance I do like the synth sequencing that predominates the genre, especially if it's a sequence I haven't heard before. The first thing that will strike you when you fire up this little demon is how full it all sounds. Strike one for the artist methinks. A lot of trance I hear is often marred by simple production and that charge certainly couldn't be leveled at Mirala. This is a sound that pays attention to all shades of the spectrum; hefty thumping basses, hissy-fit hihats and top end clarity. Aurora has all that and a bit too spare.

At 3:40 it's a bit short for a real good dance session but it has all the hallmarks of the genre and does provide a perfectly reasonable listen even for a philistine such as me. It's a mark of Mirala's musical maturity that his music can calm even my fevered brow, which is mighty surprising seeing as he has only been at this lark for a little over a year and a half. Should someone be daft enough to ask me what I thought a typical trance track would sound like, I would have no hesitation in pointing them in the direction of this track. Surprisingly good, very efficient and a very decent waste of three minutes of your day, how could you not jump at the chance?

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