Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Adam Fielding - Open Up

Hear The Track Here

A long standing member of Soundclick's electronica community, Adam Feilding (along with some others in the field) has become a firm favourite of mine. I must admit I do like his more recent poppier style, but even so this man has given me plenty of good tracks to savour over the years. I heard his New Beginnings track earlier this month because it is one the Sinewinder CD I started the month of with, and that is an example of what he does best, electronica with edge. Mind you, I also like the work he has been doing in other spheres, electro power pop for instance.

I kid you not...

Have a listen to It All Comes Down To This on his page, it's so 1980's electronica you can almost smell the shoulder pads and hair dye. At this stage, even though Open Up follows much the same electro pop path, this is a much darker, more complex peice that has more to do with Depeche Mode than Howard Jones, so don't expect this to hit you straight between the eyes because it isn't going to do that. Open Up is a track that you will have to do some work to get to know, you would have to be prepared to live with it for a while. If you do that, you might find - as I did - that it's complexity isn't as severe as it first appears and there is a very neat feel about the whole affair.

All pretty much expected, of course, when you deal with a musician like Adam Fielding, an artist with a long track record of delivering what is necessary. So it'll be no surprise whatsoever that is produced to within an inch of it's life and there isn't a loose end to be seen anywhere. Exactly the kind of tidy, efficient job you would expect. The sounds and instrumentation are - as usual - interesting without detracting from what the instrument is playing and it evokes the period beautifully. I also had to work my way slowly into Depeche Mode's more weighty material so it doesn't feel so tough doing it now with Adam. Heavyweight electronica delivered by a Soundclick legend.

Highly Recommended.

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