Saturday, July 15, 2006

Carol Sue Kirkpatrick - I Am Invisible

Hear The Track Here

Well I sure know the invisibility effect, but I have a sneaking feeling that isn't what this MP3 Unsigned artist is singing about. A new name to my reviews from that site, I have been noticing how this lady has been recieved over there, and some of the comments made about her music but this is the first time I have had opportunity to do the same Carol is basically a songwriter, recording onto a 4 track with all it's attendent problems, but as usual lets not take too much notice. Also, let me 'fess up straight away and tell you I don't like ballads, especially 'so called' rock ballads; both which Carol dishes up.

Aaahh, but what does it taste like?

I would imagine Carol is already advanced enough to know what are the pitfalls of this particular recording, and done her best to get over them. Sure there is a certain laxness, almost lethargic, plod to the track, and some of the vocals could do with strengthening but ultimately the track really should stand or fall on one element; the song. In that respect, not only does Carole know exactly how to structure such a beast, she also peppers it with some lovely little touches that life up the hairs on the back of your neck. Seeing as it's a fairly conventional arrangement, there's a lot of freshness to it, particularly in the chorus refrains where - to be honest - I could have done with more harmony work but I always was a glutton for more, more, more....

I know another Carol (Carol Douglas), also a songwriter who has achieved some attention over the past year for her collaborative efforts (and of course her songwriting ability). Carol Sue Fitzpatrick has many of the same qualities; a serious, unfussy backing track, a solid delivery of a very good song indeed and some fine arranging skills. She's got a good voice too, smoky where needed and she sings this track well. I've noticed that she has done some collabs over the past few weeks and I'll be checking those out for sure. Still, if I Am Invisible is to be the calling card for this artist's then I see nothing wrong with it at all other than the fact that some people wouldn't like the genre anyway, whatever the quality on display. There's a lot of that on display here, but I think I'll need to get a few more tracks under my belt before I get a handle on this.

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