Friday, July 21, 2006

Jimmy Kent - Table For One

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Here's that singing guy again. Anyone who frequents Soundclicks forums will be familiar with this nickname but maybe not so familiar with his musical persona, Jimmy Kent. We've been round the block a few times but as yet Jimmy has still to give me what I want. I have to admit that there are personal preferences playing a part here because Jimmy has a tendency to remind me of the work of George Michael and God forgive me, I can't stand the geezer. It is highly likely that my judgement is coloured by this, although there have been other niggles that are just as noticeable; partly due to Jimmy's recording circumstances and partly his choice/style of songwriting.

Lots of mountains to climb here then...

Top marks for the boys tenacity though, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking and if there is one thing a musical career will demand of you it is a thick skin. Mind you, for the guy who writes a line like 'I was born to be the rain on your parade' how can it be any other way. The one thing that has always struck me about Jimmy's songwriting and lyrical skills is that it's intelligent, well thought out and definitely a lot more sophisticated than most Britpop (the genre this track resides in). My feeling is that if he can surmount the roughness of his tracks in production terms, he will start to attract some serious attention and - at this stage - sorting out that sound really should be job number one. IMHO, it's actually beginning to damage what Jimmy does well...

Funny thing is that on this track Jimmy finally gets away from the GM curse and it's a move I heartily applaud. There's a raw, tense excitement to the vocal on this track and I am reminded of a tape I had once of an early version of the band that became known as The Associates in both feel and - unfortunately - sound. Not that I am comparing Jimmy's vocal style to the late, incomparable Billy Mackenzie just that this tracks style and vocal delivery have very heavy echoes for me. Looked at that way, I suppose I am paying Jimmy a back handed compliment and I am. This track is different and, had it not been for the truly diabolical mix and sound, may well have scored highly with me. As it is, if you can get past that, you may enjoy the track too.

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