Sunday, July 09, 2006

M S L - A Revering Sight

Hear The Track Here

You'll only be able to listen to MSL's latest track partly because, I believe, it's an entry into an upcoming MP3 Unsigned competition but hey, it might be worth it. MSL veered off in an entirely new direction with The Remnants of... (May 2006) mixing their already established electronica sound sense with a hefty portion of classical influence on the side. To be absolutely truthful I wasn't always enamoured with their more dance-y style, partly due to my own bias and partly because the tracks - to me - had some flaws. Reading back through my review of The Remnants of... also reminded me that the same flaws were present, but the material and style overcame them.

A Revering Sight follows that same path stylistically, sounding suspiciously like a computer game soundtrack - at least for the first couple of plays. Nonetheless, having been a-dabbling in this field myself for my latest tracks, I think I took a lot more interest in the actual construction that I did with their previous track of this genre. Mind you, I've only used snatches of classical structure, so to take in the scale of what these two musicians have achieved they have constructed an epic - and it sounds it too. Again, in truth, I do have some problems with the sounds and the depth and tone but hey, it wouldn't be the same without me being a complete audiophile (ie known to the rest of humanity as a wanker of the highest order). Still, seems a shame not to make the very best of what you have.

If that side of it would have been up to scratch, this would have been a very, very class track indeed. As it is, the sounds used and particularly their placement in a structure that shouts classical, overcomes the lack of sonic subtlety easily. For me, the more I heard the track, the more I started to appreciate the work these guys had put into it. I could name a dozen instances but the placement of the horn sections really diddled my pleasure centres, as did the way the track itself slowly grew on me. I applauded their first steps into this field, and this only shows that the move was a good one. About this close (makes an obscure gesture) to being a very, very good track indeed but I think it's more than enough to get most people going ooh and aahh. As it is, it gets MSL the first....

Recommended....from me.

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