Sunday, July 23, 2006

Greybrow - Mon cœur en été

Hear The Track Here

Because he has a brow and it's grey I suppose, now any other stupid questions or can we begin? Alrighty then. Dunno what's happening to MP3 Unsigned just lately, the site is up and down more times than a Parisien tarts drawers, but that's neither here nor there either... I've had numerous encounters with this MP3 Unsigned artist in the past, in collaborations generally but also some of his solo stuff. The one thing that you can say about most of the older musicians around on this scene is that they do know what they are doing, and Greybrow is no exception. Mind you, he's been well quiet of late, so it was a bit of a surprise to see this track slipped into the signup thread this month.

Basically, a track dedicated to the man's wife, his heart in summer as it were if you understood French. I have enough problems with English so to me it's all double dutch. Anyway enough of these cunnng linguistics cos it's supposed to be about the music, innit? My Heart is a slice of pure electronic chillout and as such isn't normally my cup of tea, but this track is musically substantial enough to gain interest no matter what genre blew your skirts up - the kind of music soundtracks are made of..

As is usual with this artist the real joy of his music is the depth and variety of the sounds he employs. OK, so it's a fairly standard electronica package but you can tell he's treated these sounds to much aural scrutiny. The kind of day when you think you'll do some work on that new track after supper and end up with the sun in your eyes, wondering where all the time went. It went into making a flawless peice of music that speaks volumes regardless of personal preferences. This is a competition entry of some kind, and I sincerely hope the competition know how to up their game.

Class electronica with a nice summer chill...

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