Thursday, July 20, 2006

One Kid's Lunch - Prayer For The Clueless

Hear The Track Here

I first encountered One Kids Lunch's take on their sorta' goofy rock tunes that hope to carry God's Truth (along with an occasional laugh or two) when I reviewed There's More (May 2006). In that review I said ' there is way more to One Kids Lunch than that tired old cliche 'christian rock', and over the space of the next couple of tracks they have proceeded to prove that to a ridiculous degree. Their Fly Me (June 2006) got a highly recommended rating from me and has only improved it's rating since then as I play it almost every day. I said at the time it was a killer pop tune and I stand by that comment even more now.

Especially since I spent a few days with this track, which is almost a logical follow on...

In my review of Fly Me I compared them to The Beatles, and went out of my way to point out that I was deadly serious about that claim. Alrighty, the Beatles circa 1965-66 maybe, but the sound, production and songwriting style are right on the money. So are the vocals (main and backing) which I have come to learn is also a mainstay of what makess up One Kids Lunch. Its the combination of the instrumental lineup and the vocal style that most reminds me of the Fab Four but goshdarn it, you tell me. Have a listen to this track - it won't take but a moment - and tell me this isn't a track off Rubber Soul.

As good as this band are musically and vocally (and you won't hear much better, believe me), it's in the songwriting and lyyricism that they really score for me. Each of the three tracks I have heard so far have featured concise, pointed, laugh out loud funny lines and this one is no exception. If it were up to me I would paste all the lyrics into this review because I believe they are OKL's unique selling point. Try this from the first verse... 'Saw a suit and tie with a guy inside it, real excited…, Pleased to explain that I can be filthy rich and free from pain…If I just help pay his hairspray bill (and have the faith to convince God to do my will…)' or this from the middle eight 'Now I’m the first to say it’s true that I can be a moron too. I’m afraid we often do way more harm than good for you, Marching on without a clue.' Without a doubt, One Kids Lunch are going to be heavily featured in my house from now on...


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