Monday, July 31, 2006

Crimson Summer - Last Lullaby

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Crimson Summer isn't loads of geezers or geezeresses. Crimson Summer is but one geezer, Mark. Mark, say hi to everyone, everyone say Hi to Mark. Yes, I know they are an unsavoury looking bunch, Mark, but it's all I could drag in here at the last moment. The smell will eventually go away too. Anyway, back to business. Crimson Summer are Alternative, which usually means oodles of guitars. Alright by me. Exciting. This version is actually called (ahem) 'NEW All Instruments Last lullaby' but I have a feeling that name won't last for long, which is why I've called it Last Lullaby in the review title.

I likes fings neat, know what I mean?

Considering it weighs in at four and a half minutes, it packs a surprising amount of frenetic activity into it - sometimes I suspect against the better good. The one thing that will become immediately apparent from the getgo is that this is essentially a heavy rock track that needs a vocalist with the style and range of Robert Plant in his prime and this one would eat worlds. As it is, I think it would be hard pressed to down a couple of kerbstones. For all the good things I got from this track, I got an equal number of negatives too. As always I like to try take account of an artists recording situation, and it's obvious that from a production angle Crimson Summer's work is challenged, so what he does come out with is worthwhile to anyone but a famed nitpicker.

And that would be me.

For sure there are parts of this track I found myself nodding too, and parts I found myself nodding off in. There is a noticeable sound and volume differences between the sections that make up the track (a bit of thrash, a bit of heavy rock, a LOT of axework) but overall the sound just about passes muster. As it is though, it's a decent enough instrumental (waiting for a vocalist/lyricist) and there is enough there to satisfy anyone with a passion for guitars. Ultimately though, this is a very restrictive market and I believe you'd need something a lot stronger than this to make a significant mark. Nonetheless, kinda hard to judge on the strength of this one track, let me hear more...

Alternative guitar rock.

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